One small nibble for the backhoe, one giant bite for our future!

We actually finally broke ground!  all until demo 2139

So exciting!  Monday morning the crew came in, and started the snow removal about 730.  Said we should show up around 845, so we wet to breakfast.  Things went faster than planned — we had barely ordered when they called and said “let’s go!” – so we took our meals to go.  We have waited for this for 18 months.  Breakfast could wait!

   They asked if anyone wanted to take a turn, ad they didn’t even finish the question before I was scrambling for the controls.  So fun: I got to the first swing at the house.  Actually, it was more like a bite: we couldn’t stop remarking how like a dinosaur the equipment seems. ImageEveryone in the family got a chance, then they even let our friend’s little girls have a turn.  Very fun — and there is something quite entertaining about watching a 10 year old girl in a pink snowsuit behind the controls of a John Deere.

After we had our whacks, the experts took over.  The goal was to break a hole in  the floor, so all the house would just collapse into the basement.  While that was cool, the highlight had to be the chimney demo.  He waited util almost the very end:  scooted a dumpster right up to it, then neatly pushed the whole thing into the dumpster. Whoosh!all until demo 2177

Unfortunately, we haven’t made a ton of progress past clearing the lot and removing some trees, thanks to the frigid temps.  Luckily it would get to almost 40 tomorrow, so they will bust their butts to get stuff done.  They had hoped to get concrete poured this week (!), but not looking good.  I am just so happy that we are finally moving forward instead of staying still!ImageImageall until demo 2171

About DonniT

Born in Georgia, raised in California, and living in Minnesota for almost 2 decades, I have lots of different ways of looking at the world. Married to my college sweetheart, surviving being a Navy Mom to Sailor Boy and helping Singer Girl achieve her dreams of college and stardom. Constantly trying to outwit my Labradoodle while rescuing dogs. Love to read, shop, entertain, volunteer, travel, plan, and dream!

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