Plates in my Head

I put down two plates last week, and I feel so much more relaxed! Oh…wait…did I not explain the plate thing before?  So, you know those Chinese acrobats that spin plates on big sticks?  Well, that’s how my brain has felt the past few months.  I have plates for Walden, our current house, each of the kids,  Penny the labradoodle, the foster dogs, my parents’ move, my husband — and a little cracked, stained saucer that is always off balance.  That one has my name all over it.

So anyway, last week I got to set two down.  My 14 year old daughter took off for an 8 day singing road trip, which meant the end to hours of rehearsals, plus her room was spotless the whole time and I never once had to nag.  Secondly, we put the current house on the market ( .  I have been busting my behind cleaning, purging, organizing and staging.  Now, all I can do is hope (and keep it clean).

So now I am back to doing my part on the Walden house.  Meanwhile, Super Bill has been cracking the whip and a lot is getting done.  The infamous retaining wall is done (Bill says it looks like a fleet of small VWs stacked back there). The tile floors are almost all done, which is so exciting!  Personality is starting to show!  They added an amazing light-tube to my pantry/office.  It changes the whole feel of not just that room but the adjoining kitchen and great room with the way it brightens things up.  Most of the rooms have been primed, which I love.  The girl was not thrilled at  the main color when she came in today, as she said it reminds her of our current home (that’s because it is the color of our current basement, which I adore).  Her room is her business, and she is pumped by the changes,  from the tile and tub in the bathroom to the coral primer on the walls.  My husband freaked out when he saw it and warned her her room was orange.  Guess we can’t please everyone!

They have started installing the brick floor in  the bar.  You may remember these are the bricks from the original house on the lot.  I am so pleased to be honoring the past this way!

The stucco goes up soon, and the cabinets start arriving Thursday.  The wood floors will hopefully be going in soon, too, as they were supposed to be done before cabinets.  They’ve been cranking the AC to dry the moisture content out of the sub-flooring, and I think we are ready.  Super Bill is starting to get grumbly with the subs, and husband Rich is fearful we are falling behind again.  Ugh.  But I will not dwell on those things.  I have to keep my plates in the air!


The stairs to the main level


A view of the great room and bar area from the future exercise room


The bar floor in progress!


All the doors are hanging out in what will be the music room


The shower from the main basement bath — I love how this is turning out!


A close up of the bricks — which are almost one hundred years old


Frankie’s shower


He is prepping the master shower walls for tile. The floor is in (heat and all!).


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  1. Wow. Looks like everything is coming along. Jealous of your energy. You spin those plates pretty well if you ask me.

  2. Ylianna Torres

    I am so happy for you! You are amazing!!! Don’t know how you do it. Love that you were able to use the bricks after all…. HUGS.

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