Nobody’s Perfect

Okay. My turn…

Yesterday, I forgot to mention a phone call from HWSNBN. The reception was awful, and he sounded totally distorted. “Dude I cannot understand you!” He sighed, and said he’d call back.

Ring ring.

“It’s no better! You sound like you are in a box! Are you in a tunnel?”


“Speaker phone? Wait — you’re breaking up. I seriously cannot understand a word you are saying.”

Exasperated, he hangs up and calls from his work phone.  Now I can hear him, and all is well.  We converse, he thanks me for exchanging phones at the Apple store for him, we talk about the trip he’s taking.  We hang up.  Twenty minutes later I receive a text:

“You couldn’t understand me, because you put the phone case on my phone UPSIDE DOWN.” Oops…

I’ll claim this one. And thus started a chain of “my bads.”

At Secondhand Hounds today, the rescue at which I volunteer, it fell upon me to fill up syringes with flea and tick meds.  An hour later, I proudly finish my task and walk away.  A few minutes go by, and I see the office manager redoing my work.  “Amy! What are you doing?”

“You filled them all wrong!” I was supposed to fill to 1.34 ccs.  I did 1 3/4s…


Sheepishly, I finish my shift and head out.  About an hour later, at Singer Girl’s doctor appointment (she’s asking to have her tonsils out. Doc said no. I liked him.), I get a text, from a fellow volunteer:

“You left your laptop here.”


We were already late, as we had shown up late to the appointment and they let the next patient go before us…

Flash forward a few hours.  Rushing around, creating a budget and presentation for a PTO Booster meeting about the Senior Party I am chairing.  Rush to the school. Arrive 10 minutes early, smug that I am not late for THIS appointment.  Several minutes go by, folks are chatting, politely smiling at me.  The signup sheet goes around.  Someone reads what I write.

“Um, you’re Donni, right? I know you from Facebook.”

“Yep, that’s me!”

“Um, you know this is the cheer-leading meeting right?”


Recheck my schedule.  My meeting isn’t for almost another hour.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Hopefully someone else can reclaim the title of Biggest Fool.


About DonniT

Born in Georgia, raised in California, and living in Minnesota for almost 2 decades, I have lots of different ways of looking at the world. Married to my college sweetheart, surviving being a Navy Mom to Sailor Boy and helping Singer Girl achieve her dreams of college and stardom. Constantly trying to outwit my Labradoodle while rescuing dogs. Love to read, shop, entertain, volunteer, travel, plan, and dream!

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