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No Theme? No Problem!

When we announced there would be no theme for this year’s Halloween Spooktacular party, people gasped. What would they do, without any guidance? Turns out, they can do a lot!


This seemed to be the season of the aliens!

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Superheroes and villains showed up:


Some were silly, some were scary, some couples went as one of each!

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Contest winners this year were the two fawns for best couple and Danerys Targaryen for best individual! (but Dany isn’t anyone without her John Snow, so here they all are!)


Food is always an important part of the party, and the guests never disappoint!

The party was, as always, as fun as the people who attend!

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As always, some went beautifully simple, while others went over the top. I think it was fun to give folks the year off of forced thinking. But they are not off the hook for next year. Spooktacular 2020 will be all about High School. Because High School was Scary!


(BTW the above picture is the only one I have of HWSNBN as Paul Bunyan. If anyone got any better ones, please let me know!)

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