A wee update!


I have had a lot of meetings lately, so a lot is in the works.  I kinda panicked when they told me it was time to pick paint colors (that seems like the last thing on the list!).  But yesterday I spent 3 hours discussing exterior and interior colors, from ceilings to floors, cabinets to doors, and every wall and trim piece in between.  We picked a few good options for everything.  Now we need to take the samples to the house and go from there.  I also really buckled down on things like bedding, as that will dictate bedroom paint choices.  Frankie is headed for a black, white and coral room (drama!).  Carter is going dark grey walls, with black floor and accents.  Pops of red and white will break it up so it doesn’t feel too gloomy. Our bedroom is going for a sexy glam vibe.  Think gold and silver in the bedroom, sparkle and shine in the bath!


We are waiting on cabinet drawings, and I have picked out hardware.  Need dollar estimates on everything, so I can start cutting.  We want as much $$$ left at the end as possible for low-voltage fun (speakers, wi fi, etc), as well as landscaping.  Lights have started to arrive, and I have mirrors and duvets on order.  Bought a washer and dryer last week, and chose our garage door design.  Searching today for things like medicine cabinets, nail polish racks and invisible fences.  Definitely on the details side now!


It’s hard to answer the question: how’s it going?  It really depends on which floor of the house you are on.  Upstairs, they are roughing in electrical and plumbing, all windows are in, the roof is on — it’s very exciting.  But the basement is so sad!  Until may, when the road restrictions ease, we can’t pour a floor.  So windows are in, but that’s it.  The floor is still frozen dirt.    The Kraemer & Sons guys keep apologizing for how late we are on the project, but I know it’s not their fault.  Site superman Bill is working his butt off — and every time I visit the place is swarming with workers.  But Mother Nature blessed us with a crappy winter, and we missed that March 1st cutoff.  I know that first week of May will be banging!


The guys hope to give us a timeline this week.  Originally, we were given a 6 month, 7 at the outset completion time.  Well, June is 6 months.  Right now I am hoping for mid-July.  We desperately want to enjoy as much summer as we can in the new home!

April 2104 004 That hole in the middle will be our front door — see a previous post for a picture of the vintage, statue-of-liberty-green bronze door we picked out. There will be windows next to the doors. The window to the left is the stairwell to the basement, and the double doors on the right are the pergola/outdoor dining room.

April 2104 001April 2104 005

So happy to have the roof on!  The balck paper is the prep surface for the stucco.

April 2104 006

This is taken from inside the garage. From left to right: mud room, doorway, laundry room, our closet and master.

April 2104 007

The electrical rough in for the dining room. We have a sparkly chandelier in the middle, with dimmable cans all around.

April 2104 009

The deck off of the dining room


April 2104 010

Can’t wait to enjoy the view here (especially when it greens up!

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